Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 44 - What If....

Life is full of options and most of the time we've to decide what's the best option for us at a certain moment and situation.
Some people choose with rationality,others with the feeling or a mix of those. Some people don't choose at all.
Personally I never regretted taking strong decisions in life. For me it always paid off. So probably I'll keep doing it.
But, there's always a but. Do you ever look back and ask yourselves....What If.....?


  1. Never ask yourself what if? Coz you can't change your yesterday but you can change your tomorrow by doing something today. If you look back, you can't look forward. Simple physics law! LOL

    Keep enjoying your Gap year!!!


  2. Thanks for your comment Kiesse! I'm totally looking forward (and enjoying the gap year)