Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 37 - Do You Live in a Broadbrand Developed Country?

Thanks to a twitter account I'm following, I discovered that Google launched a cool tool: There are many things I like of it. First of all the title: ​Data visualizations for a changing world.
The second one, is how I actually read the title in the first instance: "Data visualizations for changing the world". Probably I'm biased :). Anyway. Have a look at it.
The first data set I had a look at is broadband penetration rate overtime in Europe. If you click the play button you'll see it. It's cool. I've chosen 3 countries to stress in it: the best ranked, Italy and the worst ranked. Bulgaria is quite different from Italy and Denmark, so I won't discuss this. But, the difference between the 2 is huge and overtime keeps growing.
This is BAD!
Because Internet is a development engine. Business wise, service wise and could improve the quality of the life of the people. Of everyone everywhere. Governments that are not supporting it are basically shutting down huge opportunities of development for the countries and for all generations. And yes, it's said to see Italy so badly ranked and thatnot only is bad, but is getting worse. Unbelievable

What do you think? Do you like the tool?

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