Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 28 - Is Time Shrinkable & Expandable?

This questions always kept coming back to my mind. It did, everytime I change my routine (if I ever had a proper one :).
Time is supposed to be fixed, objective, not changing. But, there's a but, in these days that I'm taking it easy, I feel like time is changing its weight. I look back and I see myself multitasking among various projects, meetings, work travels, trips for leisure, movies, calls, social life and so on.
Now, for this first month, my first objective is to rest and take back some good energy and vibes. While taking it easy, I realized how the concept of time differs so much from its own objective run time. Time doesn't change, but we do change our view on it.
It seemed to me that time is expandable (meaning we can do more things in a certain timeframe) or shrinkable (if we're more relaxed). Weird.
What do you think?

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