Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 117 - MD (Movie Day) Barney's Version

Yesterday I went to a Cine Matinee to watch Barney's Version. I love cine matinee.
At 10.45 watching a Original Version of the movie in Frankfurt, can you imagine how many people were there? Me ;)
The whole cinema just for me. Great !!! :)

I really liked the movie. Acting is great, casting wonderful, music, story, picture.
I really recommend it!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 116 - Change Is Easier Than We Think! From Matt Cutts Ted's Talk

Change always look impossible and scary. It's not. It might be opening up a new world of nice things, not just bad things. People are scared of change in the same way they are scared of thinking big. Yes, you can fall, but once you fall down, you can stand up again and in a better and easier way, and the next time you won't fall down again for the same thing.
If we think about change, we think about something big. But sometimes it could be much smaller and then lead to something big.
Look at Matt Cutts' speech at the Ted Conference. You're realize that we can change small things in 30 days and this will be our way to discover how far we can go.
Happy changing everyone!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 115 - The Right To Take It Easy ;)

Hey guys,
sorry for disappearing.
I took some time off from writing. I think it was worth it, I needed to focus on other things and to think as well :). So, I decided to use my right to take it easy and not to write for a while.
I think that many times we don't consider that we've the right to take it easy. We just run because we've to run. Stopping and rethinking is sometimes complex and we just forget about it.
So, my learning of the day is: we've the right to take it easy. We've been running already and will be running in the future. So, if we wanna stop for a short while, let's just do it!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 82: In Her Shoes Web Series. To be followed!

Lately, I've been helping out a friend to launch a Web Series: In Her Shoes Web Series
It has been a lot of fun to do it especially for the topic: shoes. Yes, shoes! :)
I'm not a shopaholic, I like nice shoes/clothes but I don't care too much, actually.
Though, I liked the project. It's a Web Series where the foot(age) is only about the shoes, no faces whatsoever.
What I liked is that we've been working on the launch in an extremely adrenalinic timing and now it is in the second phase of the YouTube Next Up contest. This is already a wonderful result.
If it wins, the new series will be produced in English and will be global. And will be even more interesting and fun (i.e. the global online casting....)

So, please, if you like the project, vote for it (ends Saturday 9th July). It's quick and you'll make smile a lot of people soon! You can vote everyday and you can invite your friends to vote as well!
Vote here:

And here comes the first episode (now in Italian, subtitles coming soon)

Reading a Post and Feeling Free and Happy :)

I was reading my usual Italian newspaper online, particularly a column that I really like, called "la 27esima ora" and I saw a journalist of Corriere della Sera, leaving for a Gap Year (or similar).
I read the post, felt the same emotions and thought I totally did the same. Great job, people, experience. But, despite this, I've chosen some time off just for me. It has been nearly 3 months now. Wow, looks like a lifetime. Feeling yourself, your time, having a whole present and future to think about is just wonderful.
Seing that people are brave (and crazy) enough to think about their life and themselves as individuals before of what the society tells them what to do, this is just wonderful.
Dear Gabriela Jacomella, enjoy your life, whatever you want it to be. And be open to anything that could come unexpected. You're gonna have surprises while living this and they are gonna give you big and wonderful smile. Happy life.

This is the article

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day ? - I lost track ;)

I admit I got lost and missed a few days in the blog. Bad Bad Bad.
I was actually feeling a bit ashamed.
But you know what?
I thought that it is in the rights of a person a Gap Year to turn off the mind as well ;)
And yes I did it.
But I'm back, you can bet I am.