Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 27 - Is it True that after the 2nd foreign language they become easier?

I've always heard this rumour, but I'm really wondering if this is true.
Is it easier to learn a language after you already learnt 2 others?
I'm going to approach my 4th one now, but 2 of them where Latin languages, so they are easier for me, and the other one is English. But I've been living 5 years in an English speaking country.
So, what's your experience here?
And...will I ever learn German? Would you bet on it? :)


  1. ?? Italian, Portuguese, English, Spanish.
    You are approaching the fifth! :)

  2. Right, but I wouldn't count Italian ;)

  3. Paola, I've been learning 14th languages. Now I am learning with Japanese and believe me, it's tough. Especially after a long working day, you don't want to study but rather relax. After 1 year I can speak Japanese as a 1-year-old child (but do understand and read more). German is not easy, even being a Roman language. But you have all the time at the moment! You can make it!

  4. 14 Languages? WOW You're my new hero!
    Sure I'll be doing my best, but I won't reach you anytime soon :)
    Please write something in Japanese!

  5. haha :) よろしくお願いいたします。