Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 26 - TT (TravelTips): Santo Antonio Lisboa - for true party & real popular tradition lovers

Today I'm kicking off the weekly TT - Travel Tips column.
Unmissable corners of the world that give you great feelings and that you'll love. 100% guaranteed!
I'll start with something I really love and I hope to get back soon to it (maybe really soon :).
Santo Antonio's party in Lisbon (Portugal)
Where: Lisbon, Alfama district
When: night between 12/13th June for the big party, but the whole June for the atmosphere and smaller parties
Why: The party during the night is just crazy everywhere in Lisbon in Alfama (as well in Bairro Alto but it's more for youngsters). People would go there for dinner, having grilled sardines (sardinhas), you can get them anywhere in the streets. Then it's party in the streets and it's damn crowded with people willing to party hard! Go to the Alfama for a walk in the afternoon and you'll see people preparing for the party, it's a nice spot for taking great pictures. Also enjoy the whole month of June in Lisbon and Alfama, there are a lot of small squares having smaller parties and obviously grilled sardines and live music. Please note: if you're passionate about weddings, you can go to the cathedral (Se' Patriarcal) in Alfama in the day of Santo Antonio and you'll see the "Brides of Santo Antonio". A huge wedding with 10 or 20 brides, it's another good spot for pictures and to see the people on the street (but go there early enough!)
Who: everyone, but if you're not a party person, get there during the whole month of June and avoid the crowd. If you've children, avoid the crowd for sure, everyday but the 12/13th is great, the feeling is good anyway but it's calmer. If you love partying hard, get all the energy you need, you'll use all of it! Start in Alfama, get dinner there than start walking around, there'll be music and drinks everywhere. Go to Bairro Alto and again go on all streets, but decide before where to meet with friends. It's so crowded that it's tough to walk and find people!

Here's are some local info and pics

Guys, Lisbon in June is just great, don't miss it and please tell me what you felt!

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