Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 14 - Feeling Freedom and Follow the Flow

A few days ago, I was on a plane to Rome. I had just a hand luggage and was pretty light (and I was actually proud of it!). As in EasyJet they allow you just one piece of hand luggage, I put my purse inside the trolley before the boarding. I was ready to go in the plane with just a book, a bottle of water and my passport in my hand, nothing more. Once I boarded I was told that there was no space for the trolley and that it was to be shipped. I said "ok, no problem" and took a whatever sit in the plane.
During the flight I realized that I just had a bottle of water and a book with me and my trolley could actually get lost, stolen or forgotten in Milan or wherever by the carriers. I suddenly thought: how can I do if I don't get it back? The second thought was: I'll manage, who cares. I've my water, book and passport, I will survive :). I smiled at this. I'm usually a quite calm person and solution driven, but in the past I would have been a bit worried about this. I would have found a solution, for sure, but on a tight schedule loosing something at the airport means a lot of troubles. Especially if there's your phone/wallet/everything else inside the bag. But this time I didn't care at all. And it was a really nice feeling....


  1. Pao! Me encanta tu blog, ya me leí los primeros 14 dias! Felicitaciones por la decisión y a seguir disfrutando de tu muy merecido gap year! :)

  2. Brava Pao! sono contenta di leggerti, ammiro la costanza. stai bene.

  3. BellaLella l'Africana (con la K?;)
    Saluti anche alla Luisona!

  4. Brunito, que bueno ler tu comentario! Continua, porfa! :) Gracias para las felicitaciones :).
    Besos y abrazos a toda la familia!