Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 25 - MD (Movie Day) reccomends Dog Day Afternoon

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to have a weekly post on movies not to miss and calling it "MD - Movie Day". This will probably not mention any new realises at all. There are so many great movies we've never seen that were shot in the past. Some of them are really famous and I just discovered them, some other won't be so famous and will be from around the world ;). I'm not a professional journalist about cinema, but I do love movies, so I'll put all my understanding and passion in talking about them. And most of all, I love to discuss about movies, so please keep sending your opinions!
I start with Dog Day Afternoon by Sydney Lumet. I actually bought a few of his movies recently, never seen any of them and I am totally impressed.

What impressed me?
1. The faces: the characters have really expressive faces that talk on their own. Great choice!
2. The TV impact. Like in the Network, TV is everywhere, and obviously in front of the bank just robbed. It's extremely interesting how the robbers and their family members are proud and happy of being on TV while everything was happening. Scaring.
3.(ATTN SPOILER!) Al Pacino is in my imaginary always an Italian/American gangster or something similar. Having him acting as a gay was totally a brilliant idea. You would not expect that at all. Genius.
4. The wife of Al Pacino is amazing. I mean, anybody would try to escape somebody like her :)
5. The mother of Al Pacino: wow, it seems that women did a lot wrong with him! But, the women inside the bank, instead, are strong and totally human. Strange contrast.
5. Desperation & Humanity: Sonny (Al Pacino) is a good guy, a desperate good guy that did something extremely wrong. While doing something so wrong he's actually keeping his human touch. That's because he's not a bad guy. Nice.

Here comes the trailer:

What's your opinion on this movie?

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