Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 24 - Being on a Gap Year Means Being Unemployed?

When somebody asks me what I do, I do answer I'm on a Gap Year. Most people don't know what I mean. So I explain I got a sabbatical. Then they tend to understand somehow and answer to me: "so you are unemployed". I try to explain that it's not exactly the same here's the definition of unemploied from a economic dictionary:

Unemployed definition

Being involuntarily out of work. The government defines unemployed as people who are jobless, looking for jobs, and available for work.

A person on a Gap Year is voluntarily out of work. This means, it's not unemployed :)

Do you agree?


  1. Perfectly agree. Most people think someone can't be voluntarily out of work: they're bombed with news about crisis, and find this pretty weird I guess. But I definitely support you!

  2. Thanks Fredduzzu ;). Really appreciated! btw today a got a call from a friend. I was asked:"so, any news on the jobside? Have you found anything?", I laughed and said, actually I haven't looked for anything yet and nor I'll do for a few months. Silence.... hehehehe
    but it's good to have some support from openminded people!
    Keep following the blog and good luck with everything in Bruxelles!

  3. Agree, totally agree!!! Happy Sabbatical!:)

  4. I completely agree. Unfortunately, the underlying assumption that many people make is that nobody _wants_ to be without work: "if you don't have a work, perhaps you cannot get one and you're pretending you don't want to". I guess the sabbatical year has become the excuse of so many who are in fact unemployed, that those who are on a real sabbatical might actually have to give a different description of what they do :)

  5. I agree!
    Well, we should find a new name so that people won't understand and that's it. We just enjoy it and they won't get it anyway ;).
    Actually I kinda do it already. When I'm in Italy, if people ask me what I do I start with a brief explanation about the sabbatical, if they keep asking me, I say I'm on a Gap Year. They usually don't know what it is therefor they keep quiet :)