Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 33 - F&H (Food&Happiness): Focaccia Bread. How To Win Friends Forever

Do you wanna win friends? This is the recipe for you. It works (and it's proved!) :)
Focaccia Bread is easy and amazingly good. The only thing you relly need is time. Do it on a Saturday or Sunday, not in a hurry. It's great for occasions in which you're with many friends, not in a formal occasion. Think about inviting friends at home to watch a movie, play boardgames or poker. This is perfect and a sure success.
Also, note that you can personalize the basic recipe with what you want and like the most. I do focaccia with cherry tomatoes, olives, tomatoes & ricotta cheese, plain, with basil, with rosemary.

Credits to this recipe (which I always follow!) goes to GialloZafferano. Subscribe to theirEnglish , Spanish or Italian channel, it's highly recommended!


  1. :) I'm still waiting for your secret family recipe! I don't forget important things! :)