Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 35 - Countryside Vs City

I see many people from the city saying they would love to have some decent and relaxed life in the countryside. I always wondered if they really meant it. I actually guessed they just meant they wanna go on holidays. I also found out this website with tips and tips for who this people, really funny.
On the other side, I see people from the countryside who says they would never ever live in the city. And they really mean it!

How do you see yourselves?


  1. hahaah I loved the countryside tips...
    countryside with broadband and a trustable car/pick-up in the garage :)

  2. I do live in the countryside, as I did my whole life (except for just one year, in Dublin). Screw the city, there's no comparison! I wake up seeing the Sugarloaf, the Irish Sea and green hills with horses and sheep.

    When they told me that I was crazy commuting one hour each way to the city (note: I still arrived one hour and a half earlier than them, who live 20 minutes walk from the office), I told them they were right and I just quit! :P
    Gap period for me too, enjoying the summer!

  3. I like your approach Diego! Well done!
    How's your sabbatical doing? ;)