Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 30 - TT (TravelTips): Redentore Feast in Venice (July)

You wanna feel a real venetian? without tourists around? Well, the Redentore is the festivity you're looking for. It's every year on the third weekend of July. Even if you ask to most Italians, they don't know it. So, it's truly for real venetian and people living in that region.
In this weekend, get ready to drink like hell, because they are masters in this :). Don't miss to go to the "Giudecca" the former popular island in front of Venice. People put tables all around the walkspaths and have dinner there. People are extremely friendly and will offer you wine. In the canal in front of the Giudecca, you'll see so many boats that won't make you see the water. They also do incredible fireworks that will really surprise you!
More infos in here (in English):

When: 3rd weekend of July
Where: Venice, mainly in the Giudecca
Why: for the feeling, the real people, the wine, the fireworks.
Who: eveyone! Young & old, and babies (but don't make the babies drink :)

Totally reccomended. Let me know if you've experienced it and your feedback.

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