Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 124 - Even In Italy Somebody Talks About Gap Year

The sabbatical, or gap year, has always been a tabu in Italy.
Yes, weird, I know. But if you were born and lived all your life in Italy you would most probably think that if you're on a sabbatical either you're actually fired but you don't dare to say it or you're not willing to work. No matter what, you're bad.
Well, for the first time I see that in my favorite Italian newspaper ( there was an article talking about it. And yes, in a positive way. It's talking about multinational companies willing to support a gap year for their employees. Having Italian companies to support it would be too exaggerate, so, don't dare! :-/
Anyway, I consider it a positive first step!
Who knows if in 10 years everyone would think that good professional might decide to take time off to do whatever comes to his/her mind to get a better person and then start fresh again.
Whenever this will happen I'll remember of this post, and of my first Gap Year ever, which is the best decision I could actually take.
There's a right time for everything in life. This is my time for my Gap Year.
What do you think?


  1. Well, to do a Gap Year, you need money... I think this is the final answer...

  2. that's right, but surprisingly we need a lot less money than we think. You don't have to be rich to do it, but to save some money to have a decent year (or work for short periods in between gap months)

  3. My very big italian company doesn't support Gap year...that's why I resigned :D
    Effe Femmina

    PS: you don't need just money...above all, you need a big courage to leave your normal life!

  4. Yep, I actually resigned as well ;)
    I totally agree, it's not just about money, but a state of mind.
    Sometimes we really think we need useless stuffs, but it's quite not true. Once you realize that, you'll see you'll have a great time.
    Enjoy your time SaJana!