Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 42 - Where Is Home?

After being away from my hometown many years. I always have this question in mind, now more than ever: where is home?

Is it where you are now?
Is it your hometown, although you won't come back?
Is it you're next destination?

This question might come to the mind of anybody who changed cities. I've been living in 6 cities in 5 different countries and I can't find an answer. Can you?

Please share your experience :)


  1. Home is where you feel good and happy to come back, regardless how many boxes you have unpacked, how many friends do you have or how good do you speak the language of the country.

  2. Thanks Inna for your view. If I'm correct, by reading between your lines you really enjoy it there! Happy to know it!

  3. Home is where your heart is.


  4. That sounds nice & big, a lot of space for everyone, wherever you are :). I like it!

  5. That's truly a very difficult question. I am in a similar situation

  6. Well, as travellers I guess we've to ask it ourselves many times in different times of our lives. It's probably in our genes. And I think that just the fact of asking ourselves the question is really a positive thing.