Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 31 - First Month of My Gap Year is Gone! First Impression

Yes, it has been already one month since I started my Gap Year and this adventure of the Gap Year Blog. So, I think it's good to look back and write down some first impressions and thoughts.

1. Relax: I finally started to relax. It does take a lot of time until we do start relaxing properly. Think about your holidays. You start feeling better when it's time to go back to work. And yes, after 2/3 weeks I had the same feeling. But the good news was that I still have time in front of me, so I won't stop the cycle of relaxation :)
2. Work: I do not miss work at all. For a kinda workaholic, this is a great result. Really. I thought I was going to miss it somehow. I don't. Nothing at all. I liked what I did before, the job, the place, the people. But now, I just feel good in what I am and what I'm doing. I guess that's the result of a lot of thinking behind it.
3. Thinking: I did a lot of thinking. That's really good and interesting. I kept reading a lot, questioning myself, started learning a lot of things about Internet that I didn't know. Basically my curiosity is leading me and not the other way around :)
4. What's next: I'm still not asking myself this question. it's too early heeh

Well, happy to see what you felt if you did the Gap Year too...

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