Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 2 - The Head Hunter Call

9.15am the phone rings. It's a head hunter. She mentions that it's a great opportunity. Before she starts, I tell her "thank you, this is really cool, but I started yesterday my gap year, and my free time has the highest priority now". I felt so good :)


  1. i guess google & youtube on a cv attracts headhunters like the light does flies ;-)

    enjoy your free time!

  2. that's a good sign, isn't it? ;)
    But the good part is also that our mind never stops, and the ideas keep coming...

  3. jeje pues comparte mujer que los hay que si "trabajamos" :)

  4. hehehe, Actually Eu, after I said that it was not my priority, the first thing I said was "you know what? I know great people for this position!". And then I sent her an email with 3 profiles :). Probably at this point she was sure I was totally weird. Saying no to a job and offering it to other 3 potential "competitors" in the jobhunting market, that would sound quite weird. And I liked it hehehe

  5. a "mad" hunter, rather....
    Who would renounce to a fabulous gap year?
    You did the right thing, sister.

  6. haha, I like the way you called it the "mad" hunter. Good one! I'll always call them this way in case they try to call me again ;)