Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 65 - YouTube Next Up, an opportunity not to be missed!

My YouTube past always comes back. Good experiences keep a special place in the back of my mind :).

So, I'm sharing with all my readers this great initiative by YouTube: YouTube Next Up (for Europe)

Growing YouTube Partners can take part to this contest in which creativity will make the difference. By shooting a video with their ideas of content to be created, they can win 20K and take part at the creator camp. This would be a great opportunity to learn, to meet other YouTubers and share ideas. Yeah, share ideas, because YouTube is mainly about cooperation and ideas sharing.

Time is running, the deadline is the 28th of June, hurry up (and read carefully the rules and FAQ). More info are at the YouTube Next Up Channel

See the winner of the US YouTube Next Up:

This is the YouTube Next Up videocall for applicants:

Good luck!

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