Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 59 - Working on my next Movie Days ;)

I just got a new delivery from and here are my new DVDs.
Let's list them (in English :)

12 Angry Men - by Sydney Lumet
Tano da Morire - by Roberta Torre (I already watched it, but it's so nice I wanna watch it again!)
The Fugitive Kind - by Sydney Lumet with Marlon Brando and Anna Magnani
Saturday Night Fever - by John Badham. I've never watched it, can you believe it?
The Godfather trilogy - by Francis Ford Coppola with Marlon Brando, Al Pacino an Robert Duvall. I watched the first one only... I need to watch it! :)
Fitzcarraldo: by Werner Herzog. I've never seen his movies and apparently it is a must!
Where eagles dare: with Clint Eastwood
The Young Lions: with Marlon Brando
The outlaw Josey Wales: by and with Clint Eastwood

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