Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 60 - Second Month Gone: Ideas Ideas Ideas...

2 months have gone by.
Wow. It seems another era already. Now I can say I started relaxing and thinking. Oh yeah. Thinking.
Ideas keep coming and I can't stop them at all. I keep talking with many people, just wondering about things, reading on the net, books, twitter, whatever I come across. The effect of it?
I need to keep my mind calm, otherwise, if I do all I'm thinking about, I'll need 135181765 lives ;).
So, the main learning of the second month of my gap year is: keep talking and listening to the people. Don't expect anything. Keep the flow. Share positive energy.
The result? You'll be surprised of how many things will come to your mind.
Looking forward to the learning of the 3rd month of gap year...
and you?

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