Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 51 - TT (TravelTips) Valsesia: Ski, Water Sports and great wines

You might not have heard of Valsesia before. But if you love skiing you might have heard of Monterosa (literally Pink Mountain). Well the Valsesia might be a great discovery for you, in both winter or summer.
It's a valley not too far from the Malpensa Airport (Milan Airport), more or less 1h and you could find something to do in every season. In winter you might enjoy Skiing in Alagna. In the summer you can go to do water sports (Canoying, rafting, kayak, hydrospeed).
There also a lovely town called Varallo Sesia where there's the Sacro Monte, 45 Chapels on the top of a mountain, with a lovely walk in between them. So nice that is now a World Heritage by Unesco. Varallo Sesia itself is also really nice for a walk.
Then you can go to Gattinara and by lovely wine: Gattinara (yeah, same name of the city :). My favourite one is produced by Travaglini.

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  1. Water Sports is an interesting game and your posting tempting to visit any near by sea shore to play and enjoy during the weekend