Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 50 - Twitter & Me

One year ago I opened a Twitter Account and tried it out. I read on a newspaper that 20% of the users who open an account actually use it, I was wondering if I was in the 20% or in the 80%.
Obviously I was in the 80% :). I didn't get how to use it, I initially understood it was kinda Facebook, but later I got that has nothing to do with it :).

After a year, now that I've lovely free time in my Gap Year, I decided I wanted to understand how it works properly. I actually got amazed. It's not easy to get at first, but it's really interesting as a source of timely information and to get the trends. It's a pity that it's not used so much in all the countries (i.e. Italy...)

Anyway, I did some research and there are also cool news about it I wanna share.
The first one is about what you shouldn't tweet, otherwise you get fired :). It's from the Huffington Post and the title of the article is Fired over tweet: 13 tweets that got people canned. Please read it, you see how people might use it thinking they are in their own sitting room with a few friends, but you're in the internet....Lol
The second one is wondering if Twitter is a waste of time. This one is from This second article is about who uses twitter, how it is used and how to use it properly. Really interesting!
Well....I'd be happy to know if you use Twitter and what you think about it !

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