Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 64 - Digital Divide & Ideas

Today I woke up thinking about digital divite. Don't ask me why. I really don't know, but you can't stop ideas, can you?

I remembered a conversation with a few people about the topic and decided I'll do a few posts about it, trying to add some ideas, if any :).

So, Just to get started with the definition from wikipedia:

"The digital divide refers to the gap between individuals, households, businesses and geographic areas at different socio-economic levels with regard both to their opportunities to access information and communications technologies (ICTs) and to their use of the Internet for a wide variety of activities.[1] It includes the imbalance both in physical access to technology and the resources and skills needed to effectively participate as a digital citizen. Knowledge divide reflects the access of various social groupings to information and knowledge, typically gender, income, race, and by location.[2] The term global digital divide refers to differences in access between countries in regards to the internet and its means of information flow."

From this starting point, I'll add some empiric evidence from my own experience, and will try to learn a lesson :)

Have you ever felt the digital divide on its negative side?

Follow the coming posts!

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