Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 55 - Apple next big thing?

After many years as a PC user I moved to mac around 1 year ago. I actually like mac, though I'm not a Mac fanatic. I try to be objective and see the good and the bad in the market.
Yesterday I watched the keynote from the WWDC 10 event. First thing, I was happy to see Steve Job's back. That's already a good thing! But, talking about the big things they presented, I was having many open questions, I would have asked. Here I'm listing them :)

1. why are they lowering prices? Apple always had a high prices policy because their products where excellent and different. Now, giving mobileme for free when people where buying it for 99$...or Lion for 29$. Well, good for me and other customers, but from a strategic point of view, I'd like to understand the reason
2. iCloud: calendar, documents and so on. Isn't it really similar to iGoogle (Calendar, docs and spreadsheet)?
3. Mobile system operator usage: ios 44%, far more than android. Right, but with historical data. I'd like to see the updated data about 2010 or the first quarter of 2011. The game is much more open...

Besides these doubts I had I was thinking: ok, cool presentation, some good stuffs, but...where's the Apple next big thing?

What did you think?

Well, if you like to see the whole presentation, find here the link:

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