Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 67 -Ciao Ciao Microsoft?

I was reading some stats about my blog. I found extremely interesting this charts on the side.

Some points that really got my attention:

1. Internet explorer is the 3rd browser with a 16% usage ONLY! 16%??? Yeah. I was expecting a >50%.
Ok many of my friends might be geeks, so they left explorer a while ago, but a lot of readers are not geeks at all, so a 16% is extremely low!

2. Chrome wins over Firefox. Wow. Considering that Chrome was launched much later than Firefox, that's a really good result!

3. Operating system. Here windows wins, but that was expected. THough, a 61% is quite low again. This is followed by a 22% of mac and of a sum of other systems, especially from mobile (Adroid wins!!!), iphone, blackberry and so on.

I know that my blog might not be inline with the normal trends, but I was really amazed by this stats. Something is really changing out there and some big companies should really be aware of the shift....

I'm really looking forward to see what's gonna go on in the coming years :)

Do you think the data are completely out of reality?
Do you think that Microsoft has to really worry here?
Share your thoughts!


  1. I think these data make sense, my blog has more or less the same stats. But I don't care for aggregate data that much, so in addition to Google Analytics I'm also using Statcounter, which gives me individual data for each user, and also it allows me to remove my own visits from the stat count. You might want to check it out :)

  2. Nice tip. I'll surely check it out! Cheers!