Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wecome to MyGapYearLive

Hi to you!
I just started my gap year and I want to share this with you, yes you! But not only. I would like for MyGapYearLive to be a place for everyone on their GapYear to share experiences and tips. And for the ones thinking about a GapYear, this should be a good place for inspiration and to gather information.

Welcome to this MyGapYearLive!


  1. Paola, I am reading your blog! Like it a lot! Hope you enjoy your gap year! I wish I could do the same. Maybe one day! Inna, YouTube Tokyo :)

  2. Inna! thanks for reading my blog, I feel honored! Well, you never know in life, one day you're working like hell, one morning you decide you wanna have time for you. So anyday is good :). Good luck with everything in Tokio and keep following the blog! Btw, I've 2 great friends there in Tokio, Arjun and Guillerme, could you send a loud CIAO to both of them?