Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 4 - 1x10 is the Golden Rule

1 gap year every 10 years of work should be a golden rule.
Now, think how many years you work in your life: 30 or 40. Right. Think how many days off for holidays you get in a year. From 10 to 30 days off a year, depending on the country. Right. Now, how many days of holidays do you really enjoy a year? You might take some days off for some burocratic staffs, to help your family or friends or to visit family and friends. Now, the question is: how many days are you really able to enjoy without any external influence? 50% of them?
Well, if you can enjoy 50% of them, this means that it's from 5 to 15 days off a year.
Right, this becomes quite little if you consider that you work the rest of the year.
While doing this calculation and considering that everyone of us will be working 30/40 years, I decided that I'm really worth it to have a gap year every 10 of work ;)


  1. Paola querida, vou tentar seguir sempre seu blog! Boa sorte nas aventuras, descobertas e empreendimentos!!! Beijos Luciana

  2. Obrigada Lu!
    Keep commenting and ideas sharing!