Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 18 - Does Food Help Happiness?

This is a question that keeps coming back to me. I love cooking, I love sharing recipes, I love eating, I love doing all the above with friends and family. Ok, I'm Italian and this could be cultural in a way.
The other day I was playing with my nephiew and nice and we decided to cook together, We did 3kg of pizzas and focaccia bread. We were preparing the dough, playing with it, following the recipes and sometimes adding some exceptions to make it more original. Then we cooked it and shared it with the all family. Everyone was happy.
Do you think that food helps happyness? I truly believe in it, but I'm wondering if you do think the same...


  1. Of course! You're asking someone that spent the whole weekend passing all his handwritten recipes into MacGourmet (I highly recommend it) and bought a cool kitchen-themed binder to hold them all! ;)

  2. How cool Pablo! Which recipes have you put in MacGourmet? Let's share great recipes!
    I was actually planning to have a weekly post with amazing recipes of the world in this blog...what do you think?