Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 11 - The Power of the Network

The world is extremely small. Yes it is. I've just spoken to a friend who I met in Brazil, who's now in Switzerland and will be in London soon, he'll be having the MBA with another person I know, same class.
What does it mean? Besides being happy that friends meet friends and create new versions of the network, it means that there's a powerful energy you should totally care about in the network.
First of all, you're never alone. The network you created will help you thinking, share ideas and give you feedback. It doesn't work on its own, it all starts from you. You first create a network and feed it and then you can start asking opinions. I just think it is great. I wasn't aware of it when I started creating a great international network of friends and professionals. But I really think it's amazing!
What do you think, is the network so important for life and work?

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