Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 9 - Do We Exist Because of What We Do or Because of What We Are?

I know, this is again about work, but I can not stop thinking about this question.
Do we think of people because of what they do or because of what they are?
It happened to me that people changed dramatically their mind about me when I changed job in the past. First I was in the non profit sector and people weren't that impressed of my work (although I had a lot of responsibilities and impact), then I joined Google and YouTube and apparently I become a genius and everyone was kinda judging me differently. I am the same person, but the perception was different. I'm curious to see how it goes now that I'm in a gap year, meaning no labels could be attached to me. It's just me :).
So, the question is: do we exist because of what we do or because of what we are?


  1. We do exist because of what we are! But most people will always judge you based on what you do or what you have, simply because we live in a society where values and priorities are misplaced. The need to appear has become more important than the need to be.

    So, just "be" and let people think what they like. What they think and say do not define who you are, you define who you are! :D What people think and say is just an opinion, not the truth ;-)

    Enjoy your gap year!!!


  2. Kiessé, you are so right! Thanks for sharing this. I actually feel better thinking that I'm not the only one believing in this!