Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 10 - Gap Year and Social Network, does it mean we always look back?

I have been away from my previous life, that I like to call Paola 2.0, from 10 days now. I kept quite active in Facebook, YouTube and I'm now thinking to reactivate my old Twitter account. And yes, I've been writing everyday in this Gap Year blog. My question is: is it valuable to use all these social networks and communicate so much? Is it positive and forward looking or it is just looking back at the past?
What do you think?


  1. por motivos laborales es importante estar on.... Linkedin, twitter profesional.... just in case... to make sure your contacts, ex-clients, etc don't forget your existence!

  2. disconnecting is important too where possible, you need a gap from reality to look at it from a wiser and longsighted view...don't fill the gap with an overload of connectivity, my 0,02$....

  3. good and valuable 2 cents! I'll do by best to disconnect and see the good effects on it!
    Calipso: that's a good one. I kept doing a lot of work on linkedin especially for later, as for twitter I'm trying to resuscitate it, but I'm wondering how important it is as a social network. Any good insight?