Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day (I lost count): Why Italian People Just Care About Retirement?

I've a really open question for you: Why is it that Italians just talk and seem to care about retirement?
If you're old, you talk about it, about the reforms, bla bla bla
If you're young, you specify you won't get your retirement when you'll be old
If you're old and talk with a young man you ask the youngster how he/she'll do with the retirement, 'cause it seems he won't get any.

People: STOP IT!
Oldies: you will have your retirement and you fooled all the young generations, so please just shut up or just talk with oldies.
Youngsters: please think about your present and future, build it. Don't think you wanna just get old, 'cause once you'll be there, there's no way back.

This is just in Italy. I never ever had this discussion abroad in any country I lived in. Why? No idea.

What do you think?

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