Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reading a Post and Feeling Free and Happy :)

I was reading my usual Italian newspaper online, particularly a column that I really like, called "la 27esima ora" and I saw a journalist of Corriere della Sera, leaving for a Gap Year (or similar).
I read the post, felt the same emotions and thought I totally did the same. Great job, people, experience. But, despite this, I've chosen some time off just for me. It has been nearly 3 months now. Wow, looks like a lifetime. Feeling yourself, your time, having a whole present and future to think about is just wonderful.
Seing that people are brave (and crazy) enough to think about their life and themselves as individuals before of what the society tells them what to do, this is just wonderful.
Dear Gabriela Jacomella, enjoy your life, whatever you want it to be. And be open to anything that could come unexpected. You're gonna have surprises while living this and they are gonna give you big and wonderful smile. Happy life.

This is the article

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