Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 115 - The Right To Take It Easy ;)

Hey guys,
sorry for disappearing.
I took some time off from writing. I think it was worth it, I needed to focus on other things and to think as well :). So, I decided to use my right to take it easy and not to write for a while.
I think that many times we don't consider that we've the right to take it easy. We just run because we've to run. Stopping and rethinking is sometimes complex and we just forget about it.
So, my learning of the day is: we've the right to take it easy. We've been running already and will be running in the future. So, if we wanna stop for a short while, let's just do it!



  1. I agree!!! and I think it would be a great thing, for everyone, to live NOW, not worrying too much about the future or living in the past :)
    So..enjoy the present!


  2. Thanks for your comment Valyan! Yes, we don't have to forget that life is now. :)